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Results-Based Leadership (RBL) is a collaborative leadership development approach designed to move groups from talk to action and from action to results on issues that matter--to a team, an organization, a sector, and/or an entire community.

Producing results is not easy, for those organizations that focus on the public good (such as education, safety, health, employment) as well as those that focus on customers and clients.

That's why the RBL approach rests on an evidence-based framework1 that allows a leader to learn to use very specific tools, practices, and behaviors that help ignite a change process-even in the complex and difficult times we face in public sector organizations today.

The RBL approach includes:
  • Placing the measurable improvement of an identified result at the center of the leadership development work

  • Involving leaders from a wide range of organizations who share an interest in achieving the identified result

  • Creating a sense of urgency to achieve a clearly stated result

  • Asking leaders to commit to be publicly accountable for that result

  • Helping leaders build a set of collaborative leadership skills that provide them with the capacity to take aligned actions to contribute to the achievement of the result, and

  • Creating an environment where results can occur.
1 Based on the Theory of Aligned Contributions, created by Jolie Bain Pillsbury

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